Last orders

Time, ladies and gentlemen, please! This is the last post for the Reading Women blog.  Created to celebrate the National Year of Reading 2012, the blog has drawn on the rich and wonderful collections of the University of Adelaide’s Barr Smith Library. As Research Librarian for English and Creative Writing, it’s been a pleasure to promote reading from South Australia’s oldest university, with the support of my colleagues in the library and in the university’s Women’s Professional Development Network (WPDN).

Reading Women can still be used as a source for books and reading. Check the What to Read Next category for a year’s worth of ideas and inspiration. Use the Search box to look for authors, titles and themes by keyword.

A word of warning: in 2013, the University of Adelaide Library will close its catalogue and move to a different system, so many of the links to our collection on this blog will cease to work. You can re-do your search for a particular title or author from the library’s home page.



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5 responses to “Last orders

  1. Aaron McBride

    Well done Jennifer.

  2. Lucy

    Fabulous job Jennifer. A very vibrant and dynamic blog – new titles to read and old titles to reread, interesting libraries to view, events to celebrate, and much more. Keep up the good work in the new year.

  3. Janette

    Thank you for creating this blog to celebrate the National Year of Reading! I have thoroughly enjoyed the reviews, comments and the inspiration for different books to read – I don’t want it to end! I will have to play catch up on reading the other titles in the new year. Thanks so much. J

  4. Sue

    Thanks Jennifer. I have really enjoyed the blog. Well done. Also a big thankyou for the WPDN book club events. I still have hundreds of books to read. There wil never be enough time…

  5. sdz

    here here! I will miss your posts! I think the National Year of Reading should be extended permanently and be called a National Life of Reading!!
    But you have certainly made a great contribution to Adelaide Uni’s celebration of ‘the book’ in whichever form we choose to read it..