Library of the Month (Hue University)

Many thanks to my colleague, Helen, who has been working in Vietnam this month:

Hue is a lovely small city in central Vietnam, on the banks of the Perfume River. It was the imperial city during the Nguyen Dynasty (1802-1945) and is famous for the gorgeous Hue style food that emanated from that period.

Hue also has a stong history of providing higher education and today the Hue University has a wonderful central library known as the LRC (Learning Resource Center). It was built in 2001 with funding from Atlantic Philanthropies, who also built 3 other LRCs in Vietnam. The Hue LRC is a light and airy four storey building with plenty of work desks and PCs, and group study and audiovisual facilities. They have a range of print and electronic resources and of particular note are the excellent training, seminar and conference rooms. But the best thing about this LRC are the librarians. While I was working there recently I found them highly skilled, very professional and really motivated to create the best services possible for their staff and students.

See their website here:


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