Where in the world?

The theme for October is ‘Where in the world are you reading?’  One of the great joys of reading is the way that a book can transport you to another place.  In the last year or so, for example, I’ve visited Southern France (with Colette), Chicago (Sara Paretsky), the Amazon (John Gimlette) and China (Jung Chang) – all without leaving my favourite chair.

Some writers are particularly talented in their ability to evoke a sense of place. They might be writing fiction or non-fiction, short stories or poetry, travel writing or crime fiction.  Their genres and styles can be very different, but they all share the gift of being able to take their reader to the heart of a particular culture, to the centre of a given place. Let’s celebrate some of the authors who enrich our lives with sights, tastes, sounds, smells, textures and sensations from other parts of the world.


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