Banned Books Week

Celebrate our freedom to read by reading a banned book this week! The National Year of Reading is also the 30th year of Banned Books Week, a time to acknowledge one of the great freedoms of democracy: the right to read.

There are plenty of choices for banned books : try this list here. All of these books are available in the Barr Smith Library, and all of them are well worth reading. Choose from a wonderful story like Gone with the wind ( I can’t imagine why that was banned, perhaps because Scarlett O’Hara was so unladylike?) – or try the work of D. H. Lawrence, George Orwell or F. Scott Fitzgerald.  Alternatively, pick a title from the Australian Censors’ Library: there are many great books to choose from here.

I’m going to re-read To Kill A Mockingbird, one of the most beautifully-written and powerful statements ever made against racism. Our world would be a poorer place without the integrity and conviction of women like Harper Lee.  Let me know which banned book you decide to read.

Happy Reading over the long weekend! 🙂



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3 responses to “Banned Books Week

  1. And thank you to John for reminding me about Banned Books Week!

  2. Louise

    So many good books on that list! I’m thinking I’ll try ‘In Cold Blood’.

  3. Sue

    I was amused to note that several of the books on the banned and challenged classics list were also on our English reading list at high school many years ago.