Penguin Specials (eBook of the Month)

This series of inexpensive eBooks is designed for short, quick reading: what Penguin describes as the duration of  ‘a long commute or a short journey.’ They are certainly a good use of new technology. With print books, size mattered. With eBooks, the format is flexible – Penguin can publish a single short story, or an essay,  rather than being obliged to print a whole collection or several chapters in a book.

There are short stories by a variety of Australian authors: Barbara Baynton, Peter Goldsworthy, Helen Garner, and young emerging writers from Monash University. For non-fiction readers, there’s a mixture of politics, humour and biography.

What a brilliant way to get readers to try something a bit different: just a taste of something short, easily and quickly available at the tap of a finger. Let me know if you try one!


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