Children and Reading

A warm thank  you to the two Children’s Librarians, Debi and Janine, who shared ideas about the joy of reading to children with us today. (This was our third event for the National Year of Reading, coinciding with the Reading Hour and the recent Children’s Book Council Awards.)  Thanks also to my lovely, responsive audience of mothers, aunts, uncles, grandmothers, god-mothers and pregnant women!

Since the theme for this month’s Reading Women is Australian literature, let’s have a quick look at some of the great Aust lit for children. I grew up with Blinky Bill and The Magic Pudding, two books that were very different from the Enid Blyton books that I shared with my English cousins. When she was younger, my 14 year-old god-daughter loved Mem Fox’s Where is the Green Sheep – there’s a lovely reading of it here.

I’d like to hear about your favourite children’s books – perhaps this list of Australiana will remind you of some childhood treasures. Or maybe this reading of the delightful picture book Good Night iPad will resonate with you: how many of us are getting the chance to read to children these days?



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4 responses to “Children and Reading

  1. Sherry

    … has anyone out there read “Seven Little Australians”? I’ll always remember the bit where Judy dies under a fallen gum tree branch, and the description of the golden late afternoon light in the bush was indelibly marked on my 12 year old brain!!! When the light is like that now and I am in the country somewhere, it still comes into my mind.