The Little Stranger / Sarah Waters

5 reasons to read this brilliant novel :

The Story

Sarah Waters is a consummate story-teller; the mistress of the twist in the tale,  the readers’ adrenalin rush (“I can’t believe this is happening… I can’t put this book down!”) She did this in Fingersmith and she does it again in this 2009 gem of a novel.

The Atmosphere

A family mansion deep in the English countryside, one that’s seen much better days. Beautiful, dusty rooms with peeling plaster and broken chandeliers; inhabited by people trying to come to terms with their past.

The Genre

A riff on nineteenth-century ghost stories, done with a 21st century sensibility.  Waters starts gently enough – creaking floorboards, flickering lights, the sudden slamming of a door trapping someone in a room –  then she ratchets up the tension  to disturbing levels.

The Narrator

He seems to be such a nice, genuine, caring man. He’s the family doctor, of course he can be trusted … can’t he?…

The Ending

Sinister, ambiguous and very, very unsettling.



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3 responses to “The Little Stranger / Sarah Waters

  1. Brenna

    I really enjoyed this book! Definitely one that is very hard to put down (book in one hand, other hand half-heartedly pegging out washing…)

    • Louise

      I love that image Brenna! Maybe I’ll give The Little Stranger a go. Fingersmith was amazing, but I didn’t like Affinity nearly as much.

  2. Sue

    This is one of the best books I’ve read this year. I loved it and could not put it down. Sarah Waters is one of my favourite writers and I think this is her best book so far.