And nothing but the truth…

Truth can be stranger than fiction, as we’ve proved in our selection of non-fiction titles this month.  (Who would believe in disappearing teaspoons or an organization that set out to collect people’s underwear for “smell samples“?)

To finish on a high note, let’s take a look at some of the real-life stories and strange truths uncovered in three non-fiction books recommended to me this week.

Would you believe that an eighteenth-century French woman disguised herself as a boy and sailed around the world for two years on a famous botanical expedition?  Can you accept that a cult leader was so charismatic that he was able to convince over 900 people to abandon their homes, move with him to the jungles of Guiana, and then poison themselves with cyanide? And lastly, who would believe that a man would willingly abandon his family, move to the other side of the world with another woman and her children, and pass his second daughter off as his first child, Susan, in a deception that lasted more than twenty years?


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