April Fool

All Fools Day seems to have its origins in sixteenth-century France, although there’s not anything like a consensus about this – the Roman festival Hilaria and the Indian Holi are also contenders. But whatever the reason, April 1st is a day for jokes and hoaxes, everything from the Piltdown Man to the annual Google hoaxes ( my favourite is the ‘Google Translate for Animals’  app – ‘which we hope will allow us to better understand our animal friends.’)

Consequently, I was very suspicious of ‘The International Edible Book Festival‘, celebrated on April 1st, the birthdate of  French gastronome Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin (1755-1826). Why would anyone want to ‘recreate your favourite book with edible ingredients’? Why indeed?….


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  1. Not a joke?…
    Please consider coming to ALIA Vic Specials Edible Book Festival, the 4th
    one ever, to be held in Melbourne.
    *Please help keep this event alive!*
    We have our usual fabulous sponsors who have donated some terrific prizes
    “One Umbrella”, “The Book Cover Company”
    “DA Books”, “The Melbourne Athenaeum”
    Many many thanks to our sponsors for their support.

    *You’ve got an extra hour on Sunday*, as daylight savings comes to an end,
    so use that time to create an entry for the Edible Book Festival…it
    doesn’t have to look like a book, it could be a cryptic message about a
    book title, it needs to be edible….start thinking, and please come
    Previous entries include, the 39 steps (using 39 biscuits as steps), Little
    women (Jelly babies with chocolate button breasts), The very hungry
    caterpillar (choc ripple cake, in a worm shape, with eyes,
    antennae)…there are heaps of ideas….
    If you can’t make an entry, come along and help vote for the best ones, and
    join in the fun…network and get to meet some new people who work in our