Die a Little (eBook of the month)

eAudiobooks – digital books you listen to, either on a computer or a portable listening device – are becoming increasingly popular and easily available in  libraries. My local public library has a selection of ‘classics, new releases, nonfiction and bestsellers’ and since I’ve always been a fan of books that I can listen to when I’m stuck with mindless tasks (i.e.  any kind of housework), I borrow as many of them as I can.

Writers’ Week revived my enthusiasm for Megan Abbott’s work: classic crime noir by a modern author.

Her first book, Die a Little, was published in 2005; the paperback caught my eye in a bookshop because of the gorgeously lurid cover illustration by Richard Fahey, an artist  who specializes in ‘pulp artwork’. The eAudiobook is narrated by Ellen Archer, Audie Award -winning  singer and actor:

“Ellen Archer takes Megan Abbott’s stylish exercise in noir and delivers a dynamite performance.” —AudioFile

So you get two for the price of one: classy reading of elegant prose! Abbott writes brilliantly, evoking a truly believable nightmare world, the sinister environment of 1950s Los Angeles with its criminals and drug addicts, seedy clubs and dingy bars. Her protagonist, Lora King, is a  suburban school teacher who becomes enmeshed in this dark world when her brother Bill marries glamorous, corrupt Alice Steele, a Hollywood wardrobe assistant. The story that follows is as intriguing as it is frightening, ‘a tale that smoulders like the night’s last, forgotten cigarette’, as one reviewer astutely says.

Whether you read it with your eyes or with your ears, Die a Little is a pleasure for anyone who likes their crime fiction to be black, atmospheric and exciting. Highly recommended.


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  1. Ainsley

    Indeed! I went and read “Die a Little” on the strength of this post, and agree with every word. Now to get hold of the rest of Megan Abbott’s books…