Mad March

Adelaide declares itself the home of Mad March in a frenzy of festivals and events, everything from the Fringe (with over 700 shows) to the culture-heavy Adelaide Festival of Arts and Womad.

We also have, of course, the wonderful Writers Week festival, celebrating the work of international and Australian authors. This will be the theme of this month’s Reading Women: please let us know which authors you see from March 3rd – 8th – or just tell us which authors you’re reading if you don’t have time to get to the festival. (Leave a comment on this post.)

We’ll also have some stories about madness…

‘In that direction,’ the Cat said, ‘lives a hatter: and in That direction, lives a March Hare. Visit either you like: they’re both mad.’



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9 responses to “Mad March

  1. Reader

    “As part of Adelaide Writers’ Week ABC Radio is broadcasting the forums and writer interviews on a dedicated digital radio channel and streaming online(stream active during broadcast).
    From Saturday 3 March 2012 till Tuesday 6 March 2012, you can listen to ‘ABC @ Writers’ Week’ on digital radio in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney metropolitan areas and online throughout Australia and around the world.”
    See for further details of coverage.

  2. Brenna

    I am reading and will be going to see “Seduced by Logic” by Robyn Arianrhod.

    The book is great so far!

  3. Reading Woman

    Just got back from hearing Paul French talking about his brilliant book Midnight In Peking (creative non-fiction at its best). He was interviewed by Nick Jose, another “old China hand”.

  4. Katrina

    Spent half the day at writer’s week on Sunday and there I listened to Megan Abbott talk about her style of Noir crime fiction. Having never read it before I gave it a shot and finished her novel “Die a Little” yesterday. It was enjoyable, but different from the usual crime novels I read. I also listened to Boori Monty Pryor talk about his role in schools and helping children. Very entertaining, I have heard him talk before when I was in school and his stories are funny. Yesterday meeting Garth Nix was the highlight for me though. Having read the majority of his books, he was nice enough to allow me to have 8 books signed. He read an excerpt from his new novel coming out next month called a “Confusion of Princes” which he described as a Space Opera.

  5. Sue Ward

    I have only been to see Favel Parrett and Fiona McGregor , but I had read both of their books recently so I enjoyed it. While browsing the book tent I found two books that I really want to read: Bold Palates by Barbara Santich and The Secret Lives of Somerset Maugham by Selina Hastings. I didn’t know Maugham was a spy during both World Wars. And he had a pretty interesting personal life too.

  6. AC

    My 18 month old daughter attended her first Writers Week on Thursday morning with her Grandmother. Apparently she was a little too vocal in her appreciation and had to be taken for a walk by the Torrens…

  7. Patricia

    Megan Abbott – brilliant!