Phyrne Fisher: crime doesn’t play?

Kerry Greenwood’s popular crime novels have been made into an ABC TV series, starting next weekend.  With the catchy tag-line ‘Who says crime doesn’t play?’, these programmes look set to capture the glamour and seediness of 1920s’ Melbourne, and the cool elegance of Greenwood’s gorgeous detective. I predict a rise in the sale of false eyelashes, cigarette holders and strings of pearls, as well as in the  books and audiobooks that make up the series.

Borrow a Phryne Fisher novel from the library and settle in for the evening with a martini or a Maiden’s Prayer!  If you feel particularly creative, you could try writing the first lines of your own 1920s murder mystery: the ABC is sponsoring a Phyrne Fisher writing competition (first prize is a weekend at the Windsor Hotel, where some episodes  of the series were filmed.)


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  1. AC

    I live with a Phryne Fisher freak who was in a state of high anticipation leading up to the first episode. She reckons Phryne was done justice by Essie Davis and is looking forward to tonight’s episode.