12 ways to enjoy Dickens 2012

  1. Go to one of Britsh actor Miriam Margoyles‘ brilliant performances of ‘Dickens Women’ (in Adelaide, 15 – 18th Feb). For a preview, watch 4 mins worth here.
  2. Have a look at some of the wonderful original illustrations for Dickens’ novels: I love the ones for Bleak House – very dark and sinister – the ones for Pickwick Papers are fun.
  3. Read Claire Tomalin’s new biography of Dickens. I’d also recommend her book  The Invisible Woman : the story of Nelly Ternan and Charles Dickens (1990).
  4. Charles Dickens wrote stories, articles and travel writing as well as his famous novels: try something different here.
  5. If you have an iPad or iPhone, check out the Dickens Dark London app (based on his Sketches of Boz, including maps, gorgeous graphic novel illustrations and audio)
  6. The Dickens Book Club for 2012 has Facebook and Twitter conversations for people reading his work.
  7. Watch some of the lovely BBC costume dramas of the novels on DVD: Bleak House and Little Dorrit are easily available.
  8. Have a look at the Dickens Journals Online project: volunteers working to make more of his writing freely accessible on the internet.
  9. Read some of the literary criticism of Dickens’ work: Barbara Hardy writes well and gives fascinating insights into the major novels.
  10. Read one of the contemporary mystery novels about Dickens : three recent ones are reviewed here.
  11. Check the ‘Dickens of the Day’ quotations in the BBC News magazine as journalist Matthew Davis reads his way through the novels.
  12. Listen to some of the wonderful readings of Dickens’ work  available on Naxos: great British actors reading great novels!

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