February Reading

First book off the shelf this month will almost certainly be a novel by Charles Dickens: February 7th 2012 opens the official celebrations for his 200th ‘birthday’, the blockbuster Dickens Bicentenary.  There are many reasons to read (or re-read) one or more of his famous novels, and we’ll look at those reasons soon.

February is  also associated with romantic love. Valentine’s Day falls in the middle of the month, and the extra day of the Leap Year is February 29th, the time that women can supposedly break with tradition and propose marriage to men (!) While Love is certainly one of the great themes of literature –  from Ovid to Twilight – it’s equally valid (and much more dramatic and interesting ) to consider its opposite: Love Gone Wrong. Think of Romeo and Juliet, Anthony and Cleopatra, Oedipus and Jocasta,  Giovanni and Annabella… Let’s see if we can make this month’s National Year of Reading a celebration worthy of Anti-Valentine’s Day!


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