Who was Shakespeare?

The recent blockbuster film,  Anonymous, favours the “Shakespeare was really Edward de Vere” conspiracy theory, an idea that was originally proposed by an English schoolmaster with the wonderful name of  Thomas Looney. Scholars, critics and people living in Stratford are less than impressed with this. So who is right? For a clear, cogent and entertaining summary of the various arguments , see Joe Nickell’s article in the latest issue of The Skeptical Inquirer (Nov /Dec 2011) ; for a detailed analysis, read the excellent book Contested Will. (And where do I stand on this? Let me put it this way: I find the anti-Stratfordian theories about as convincing as The Da Vinci Code…)

For more about Shakespeare, check the library’s valuable  print and electronic resources, or catch up with a living source of knowledge on  Shakespeare.


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