eBook, iBook or print?

‘Where do you like to read?’ is a question that used to be answered with responses like ‘in bed’ or ‘on the bus’. Now publishers are more interested in our reading habits in terms of online or offline, print or electronic. I still read novels in print, but have friends who swear by their Kindle or their iPad.  What do you do?



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9 responses to “eBook, iBook or print?

  1. Louise

    I definitely read most books in hard copy, but I’m surprised by how much I like reading on my iPad. So far, I’ve only read classics I’ve downloaded for free, but plan to check out Adelaide City Library’s ebook collection soon (http://www.adelaidecitycouncil.com/library/ebooks.html).

  2. BH

    I prefer print because I spend so much of the day looking at a screen.


  3. Helen Attar

    I much prefer reading print books. However, recently on a long plane trip I read Animal Farm as an ebook and didn’t mind the experience at all! In fact on a plane the lighting on an ipad made reading much easier.

  4. I still like a hard copy, but plan to download some ebooks onto my iPad for my next long-haul flight …! (This will be soon, I hope!)

  5. Yasmine

    I love, love, love my kindle! I still love hard copy books but I just don’t have the room for them. Kindle is so much easier.

    • Yes, the ‘how much room do I have left?’ question is one that is dominating my life at the moment – the tower of ‘books to read’ beside my bed is reaching Leaning Tower of Pisa proportions!

  6. Rebecca

    I can’t take my iPad in the bath….so print is my preference!

  7. Sue

    Ahhh … isn’t it interesting to finally see the inevitable shift towards the electronic alternative, even if a little conditional. I’m sure that 10 years ago it would have been 100% in favour of hardcopy. Me….. I’m all for less clutter to dust, so ‘e’ it is whenever practicable.

  8. My wife got into ebooks through her sister who bought a Kindle some time ago. They both like the idea of being able to go on holidays with their ereaders loaded up with ebooks. No more sacrificing weight and space for print books when travelling overseas. I like ebooks and have read them on the Kindle. It is great being able to use the dictionary to find out the meaning of certain words while reading and being able to change the font size when it is too small. Now you don’t need to purchase new books with the Adelaide City Library lending out ebooks.